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What Is A Fire Damper

Dampers are located within ventilation and air conditioning ducts and designed to prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork. This process forms a critical part of any passive fire strategy. In the event of a rise in temperature, typically caused by heat or smoke, the damper will close, usually activated by a thermal component. Heat or smoke identified within the system may indicate presence of a fire, which should activate the closure of the damper blades and prevent the spread of fire through the building. 

BS 9999 Maintenance Obligations

All fire dampers must be tested by a competent person after they have been installed and at regular intervals not exceeding two years. 

If you have had spring-operated fire dampers installed in your ducting, then you will need to have these tested at least every 12 months or even more frequently if they are installed in an area that is affected by high levels of dust or pollution. 

All dampers used in hospitals must also be tested every twelve months.

You must ensure that your fire dampers are repaired or replaced immediately if found to be faulty. It is highly recommended that you create a maintenance plan to help you budget and schedule repairs, ensuring your fire dampers remain in a fully working condition.

Fire Damper Services


Sometimes building records and drawings can get lost making locating dampers difficult. We can carry out a survey on site to both locate and identify fire dampers. 


We will place an identifying tag on all dampers showing the most recent test date and record all relevant information allowing these to be stored easily on asset database.  


We will conduct drop tests either manually or electronically depending on the damper. During this process we will take photographs of the damper both opened and closed. 


Annual maintenance checks includes cleaning and removing debris

Remedial Work

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Access Hatches

Can install Easy to use access doors as required by BS 9999

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