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Helping you with your fan selections

We know ventilation, we have been supplying solutions for the last 30 years.  Airstream Ventilation Solutions Ltd are here to offer a knowledgeable, reliable partner to deliver your project for a quality indoor air quality ventilation system that suits both the purpose and budget requirements.  We are proud to be able to deliver your project with reliable and industry leading products.  

We offer products selected to comply with building regulations we offer ErP 2018 compliant EC products with low energy motors and controls to help deliver the required duty, enabling you to save your energy and money.  

Combining EC fan units with built in control functions offers an overall lower installed cost.  

Our ERU & HRU products come with unit set up service set up to make sure your systems is correctly set to the required program to help sign off your project and set up your MVHR system correctly.  

We offer advise on the various product options and systems available to deliver the air quality solution you need for your project. 


Energy efficient ventilation systems for your Project.

Your solution starts with a discussion. We take your project plans, budget and timeline, assess and clarify what is required above everything else to offer the optimum air quality in your project.  Delivering savings from the start and keeping your energy output down.  We work with you to achieve an outcome you are happy with to keep your home, shop, office, kitchen or factory fresh clean air filtered energy efficient systems. 


We deliver Solutions.

We are here to help you achieve the best ventilation solution for your project.  Drop us an email at or give us a call 07830 430285  We are happy to help review before or after planning drawings and will site survey your project before selection of products. indoor air quality